Capsule can push content and data to you as it comes in

Receive a webhook for each new video

In your account settings, you can specify an endpoint URL that Capsule will POST data to for each new video that is uploaded and processed:


Once set, you will receive a webhook for each new video. This webhook is sent when the video has finished processing — this includes editing, transcoding, and also transcription.

The payload for the webhook is structured like ths:

  "event": "video.processed",
  "data": {
    "video_id": "mB9QOkKj3eu9",
    "capsule_slug": "my-capsule-slug"

Additional event types may be emitted in the future, so you should filter against the value of the "event" key.

After receiving the webhook, you'll generally want to make an API call to fetch the data associated with the object, like this:

GET https://api.capsule.video/videos/<video_id>?slug=<capsule_slug>
Authorization: Bearer <your-capsule-token>

More details on the fetch API can be found here.

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